Top 5 Wednesday #2|AKA My Dream Parties

Once again it is that day of the week where booktubers and book bloggers of all kinds come together to discuss their top 5 picks on a common topic, Top 5 Wednesday. If you would like to join the lovely group of people who are a part of T5W, click here to join the Goodreads group, and you can see some of the current members and topics.

This weeks theme is Books as Party/Event Themes!  Parties are great, but book themed parties are even better. So without further ado let’s just jump right into it!


1. The Great Gatsby


Gatsby is set during the roaring 20s and prohibition, and provides so many opportunities to create a really cool party! You could have everyone come dressed as if they were from the twenties (think flappers) and do a speakeasy-like set up for drinks. Combined with Gatsby-esque decorations, this could be a super fun costume party.

2. Harry Potter

Harry Potter Party.jpeg

Honestly, I feel like this one doesn’t need much explanation, but… You could have fun Potter themed snacks and sweets, and a sorting hat ceremony. Maybe you could even do a scavenger hunt to look for school supplies in “Diagon Alley”.

3. Percy Jackson


A Percy Jackson (or specifically Camp Half-Blood) themed party could be super cool. You could come up with a way for the guests to be “claimed by their godly parents”, have blue food, and play games, so that the demigods could “train”.

4. The Hunger Games


I actually almost had a Hunger Games party recently. One day my brother and I were talking and we had come up with an idea to throw a hunger games party. We planned to have a reaping ceremony, then actually throw the games at part of a local park where there was a wooded area. We planned different ways to have sponsors, the cornucopia, and we were going to have a certain system of “killing”, so that no one could complain about whether they were dead or not, but I don’t remember it now. Honestly, I think that this could be a super fun party, maybe you could even do it annually! …I have thought about this way too much…

5. Dr. Seuss


A Dr. Seuss themed party for a little kids birthday or a baby shower would be absolutely adorable! You could have bright Seuss decorations, games, and fun themed snacks (like the green eggs and ham above).

So there you have it! I cant wait to see everyone’s creative ideas for this topic. You never know, maybe I’ll see a idea I like and throw a party based on it (or maybe I’ll actually get around to that Hunger Games party XD )

Until next time,

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  1. Even though I hate 1920s, I do admit I love coming to 1920s themed-party, especially the extravagant ones inspired by the Great Gatsby. Great picks!

    Liked by 1 person

    • RedReads · May 11, 2017

      Ugh, I want to go to a Gatsby party soooo bad, they look like so much fun!


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